Machining Division

ABI machining division currently machines Bearing / Centre Housings, Turbine housings, Master Cylinders, Brake Calipers, Bearing caps, Cast Compressor wheels, Milled from solid compressor wheels and Turbine wheels.

Product Location
Bearing housings Pulivalam, Soorai [India] and Salalah [Oman]
Turbine Housings Pulivalam and Soorai [India]
Master Cylinders Pulivalam [India]
Brake calipers Soorai [India]
Bearing Caps Soorai [India]
Cast compressor wheel machining Pulivalam [India] and Sidney [USA]
Milled from solid – Compressor wheels Pulivalam [India] and Sidney [USA]
Turbine wheels Pulivalam [India]

 ABI specializes in machining high precision and safety critical components which require low tolerances

 Operations include turning, drilling, porting, facing, milling,grinding, honing and several others

 ABI has state of the art machines including CNC turning centres , CNC millingcentres, assembly machines, 5-axis machines, honing machines, and testing machines


CNC Machines

Assembly Machines

Testing Machines

5 – Axis Milling